SO excited to have a shop for all my new creations! I make rings for myself and kept getting asked by people how they could buy them, I was asked so many times I decided to start a shop for my rings. 🙂 Salt City Gems is my ring shop on ETSY and has all sorts of goodies!

The raw stones in the photo above were pieces I took to a local small shop market to wire wrap into rings. 3 of them went to their new homes and I still have one amethyst piece and the amazing little aqua aura quartz. I do custom orders too if you ever want something special. I hand pick all my beads and stones and love that each ring is something I would actually wear. I keep one of each for my personal collection! Making rings is seriously something that just started as a fun hobby, it’s relaxing while watching PLL 😉 (which by the way, I don’t know how i’m still watching pretty little liars, it’s gotten way out of hand, Charles??? Really?? “A” could really be anyone they choose at this point and it wouldn’t matter haha. Still kinda get obsessed with watching it though, I just love the characters too much. okay back to rings.)

Hobby turned small shop, It’s quite exciting! And I hope you check it out and find yourself something pretty. Hopefully I will have more opportunities for local SCG appearances! Follow my Salt City Gems Instagram account (@saltcitygems) for updates on local events I’ll be at, giveaways, and new items. Follow my journey as I make pretty things for all of you pretty people. Each ring is so unique and handmade special for you with love. 🙂

Visit Salt City Gems now and pick your pretty. 🙂 Muah!

salt city gems Boho Rings Salt City Gems^^Pretty Amazonite Rings, These are some of my favorite with their unique earthy toned colors. I wrap all my rings with your choice of Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, or Copper colored wire.
salt city gems dainty rings salt city gems sandstone ring Ah the Midnight Sky ring is such a beauty. When you see it in the sun or light it sparkles like crazy, Like stars in the Midnight Sky. 😉 If you love it you can get it HERE! salt city gems salt city gems quartz rings This ring was a hit at the event I went to last weekend. I made 9, kept one for myself, and have 2 left! It’s Tourmalinated Quartz and it’s BEAUTIFUL. This is my personal favorite. This one is a size 7 and is ready to be shipped to a new home. See it HERE!salt-city-gems-bohosalt city gems rings

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter! And visit Salt City Gems to pick out something special. 🙂

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