Aloha from Hawaii

aloha_hawaii Oahu, Hawaii was a DREAM. Evan and I had been spending a lot of time at work and school and this vacation was a huge relief. I graduated in April from college so this trip was kind of a celebration for the long awaited day that I would be freeeeee! I felt totally free out there, that little island is magical, I felt like I totally lost track of time and just LIVED. It’s so crazy how such a beautiful place can make you feel so connected to yourself, it’s truly amazing. We had so much fun on Oahu and I wanted to share some of the awesome (and affordable) details of our trip in this blog post in case you are interested in traveling there. 🙂

sunset_beach_hawaii sunset_beach_oahu sunset_beach_hawaii sunset_beach_oahu north_shore_hawaii ^^^This was our AWESOME little studio we stayed in on the North Shore of Oahu. When we were looking for places to stay we knew that we wanted to stay away from hotels and that we wanted to be near the North Shore. I definitely did my research when looking for a place to stay and pretty much narrowed my searching down to two websites, Airbnb and VRBO. I absolutely recommend using these sites if you’re looking to go to Oahu, so many people have great places to rent for good deals. I ended up finding our place on VRBO and the process was SO easy. The landlord was great to work with and he charged nearly nothing in rent for how nice his place was and how freakin close it was to everything on the North Shore. We paid $105 a night, and we walked to Sunset Beach everyday. Soooooooooo it was perfect. HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK to the studio ad on VRBO if you or anyone you know is looking for a place on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. 🙂

pill_boxes_hike_oahu pill_boxes_hike_oahu We did a couple of hikes in Hawaii that were amazing. I don’t usually love hiking, but the pill boxes hike over looking Lanikai Beach was UN-REAL! If you go to Oahu it’s a must do, I mean, just look at it! It’s even better in real life. After this hike we went to Lanikai Beach for a few hours. This is one of my most favorite beaches on the Island because of the white sand and shallow, crystal clear bright blue water!

lanikai_beach_oahu lanikai_beach_oahu

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse The lighthouse trail was a hike we did on a day we got pretty burnt, so I wore pants, the WORST idea hahaha. The only thing that kept me from ripping those things off was the wind, thank goodness. Anyways, the views were again, unreal. This hike took about 20-30 min to get to the top and the trail is paved the whole way. And as you can see below as we got to the lookout point, SO WORTH IT!

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail^^^^Seriously??? So breathtaking!
Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail


alohahawaii5 west side oahu west side oahu west side oahu West side Oahu, this beach and most beaches on this side were crazy beautiful. I mean the water was the most clear water i’ve ever seen besides a swimming pool. It was so fun to have Evan introduce me to west side of the Island, it’s like a whole different world over there. We shared the beach with a small handful of people while we were there which was fantastic and relaxing. 🙂 I’m telling you, once you see these beaches you can’t go back. So many beaches just simply……don’t compare.

valley of temples oahu valley of the templesValley of the Temples is one of the most amazing cemeteries/memorial grounds i’ve ever seen. Ocean View Terrace was just one of the memorial areas they have and we actually stumbled upon it while it was still under some construction. We followed a random road past what we though might be a private gate and found this spot, obviously we had to get out and snap a few photos. Being SO close to these amazing mountains was surreal! It was such a good experience, I felt completely overwhelmed by how beautiful it was. That is something I loved so much about Hawaii, it’s so beautiful and you get to feel apart of that, ah…..I just love it, again…..totally magical. If you know….you know. 😉

Also, if you’re interested in Valley of the Temples you can visit their website HERE.

oahu hawaii oahu hawaii

For some reason we found ourselves in KAILUA quite often. It is such a beautiful area, as you can see. Tons of flowers, palm trees, and cute homes. When can I move in right??? These were just a couple snaps we got before we went on our official date night haha. Look how cute my husband is!!!!! Gosh. I love him. 😉

ahi tuna^^^^We ate TONS of ahi poke. mmmmmm I miss it already. This was what most of meals looked like out in Hawaii….fish and diet coke. haha.hawaii shellsSHELLSSS!!! Ohhhhhkay. I got obsessed. Who knew that collecting and finding shells would be SO addicting and fun?! The first day I found a cute mini shell I was hooked. I beach combed for the next couple days after my first discovery and then I got brave enough to go dive a little bit. Searching for the shells in the ocean was so exciting for me…haha I feel like a shell nerd..but it’s SO true. I spotted that big one in the water and was so happy to bring it home with me. 🙂 great memories!!!

oahu hawaii oahu hawaii oahu hawaiiLaie Temple. If you are on Oahu it’s worth the visit 🙂 It’s surrounded by an immense amount of beauty.
oahu hawaii
This was our last night on the Island, we watched the sunset at Sunset Beach and then went to a really nice dinner in Honolulu. It was dreamy. Being there with my love just made the trip even more amazing in every way. I hope to go back so so soon.

I wanted to include in this post all of the places we ate so that if you ever find yourself on Oahu looking for food you have some suggestions. 🙂

Seven Brothers Truck YELP REVIEWS
Banzai Sushi Bar WEBSITE/MENU
Luibueno’s (we got fish tacos) WEBSITE/MENU
Haleiwa Joe’s – Kaneohe (we had the king crab & new york steak) YELP REVIEWS
Spicy Ahi Poke from Foodland & Kahuku Superette SUPERETTE AHI YELP REVIEWS
Kahuku Grill (we had the coconut shrimp & a burger) YELP REVIEWS
Crepes No Ka ‘Oi (we had the ‘Killa’ Pizza & Berry Heavenly) YELP REVIEWS
Roys Waikiki (we had the filet mignon) YELP REVIEWS
The Elephant Truck – Thai Food (affordable, big portions, and great food!) YELP REVIEWS
Crispy Grindz – (we got the regular Acai Bowls) YELP REVIEWS
Rai Rai Ramen (first time at a ramen house, so fun and good!) YELP REVIEWS

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