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Albion Basin, UT with Salt City Gems

jorden vilos albion basin utah

All summer I have been telling Evan (my husband) that we must go up to the Albion Basin here in Utah and we FINALLY made it. We both work full time and hardly have time to get out and just enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. So making it here was definitely worth it, and Utah is just SO beautiful right now and has been all summer because of all the rain and sunshine. 🙂

We went up to take some pictures of my rings I have been making and I must say they turned out beautiful. There’s just something about Utah summers that hit home with me. I grew up in the mountains of provo, provo canyon to be exact, and every time I go up there it feels so nostalgic and……good. My grandma used to take me, my siblings, and my cousins up the canyon multiple times throughout the summer. I remember feeling so excited when she would pack us all into her astro van (best thing ever) and drive us up to squaw peak to overlook the valley. I have so many fun and good memories from those summers, from hiking the trails leading to waterfalls, to riding the Heber Creeper train, to watching plays under the stars up at Sundance. It’s those types of memories that make Utah summers so beautiful for me.

Albion Basin was another memory of Utah summers I get to keep tucked away in my heart forever and this time it was with the person my whole world revolves around. It wasn’t meant to be romantic or anything, we went up to take pictures of my rings haha but being there with Evan and realizing how lucky we are to see such beauty together made my heart happy. Ah, such good times. 🙂

If you are interested in going up there I would suggest going anytime after 4pm, it’s SO nice as the sun starts to go down. AND you can get some amazing photos. It’s really perfect for family photos if you are planning on doing those this year! Also, I DO dabble in photography so if you are interested in family photos let me know 😉 you can email me! vilosdesign@gmail.com. All of these pictures were taken by my semi professional photographer…..Evan Vilos. Haha my husband is so patient with me. He does do a GOOD job though. So maybe you should hire him instead of me. haha.

If you decide to go up to the Albion Basin, which you totally should, Just go up to Alta Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. You’ll get to a small ticket booth (it doesn’t cost any money to hike or drive up through the meadows to my knowledge, we didn’t pay anything and went on a Saturday evening) and the guy at the booth will tell you where to go. There is a small parking lot at the very top of the canyon that you can park in and then hike around through the trails of the meadows OR you can drive up a dirt road to further parking lots. Here are the directions to Alta Ski Resort.

Don’t forget to check out my new ring shop! I have a lot of really pretty rings ups right now! You can check it out HERE. And you can read about my shop in my previous post if you missed it. 🙂

jorden vilos - salt city gems - albion basin, Utahjorden vilos - salt city gems - albion basin, UtahSalt City Gems - Jorden VilosJorden Vilos - Albion Basin, UtahJorden Vilos - Albion Basin, UtahSalt City Gems - Jorden VilosJorden Vilos - Albion Basin, UtahSalt City Gems - Jorden VilosJorden VilosSalt City Gems - Jorden Vilos

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